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Minnesota is abundantly overflowing with awesome music! Right here you can browse through some of MN's latest New Releases & get a heads up on what's Coming Soon. Be sure you listen in to the local tunes we're Now Playing & grab a FREE Download or two. We add more music to this page all the time, so visit often!

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Postina: Write A Better End
"Write A Better End"
Indie / Pop / Rock
Release Date: Sept. 11th, 2015

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Reflections: The Color Clear
"The Color Clear"
Metal / Progressive / Hard
Release Date: Sept. 18th, 2015

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Roads of Glass: King Me
Roads of Glass
"King Me"
Heavy Metal
Release Date: Sept. 20th, 2015

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PROF: Liability
Release Date: Oct. 16th, 2015

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Echo Effect: Where Angels Learn To Fly
Echo Effect
"Where Angels Learn To Fly"
Hard Rock
Released: September
VIA: Sanitize This
"Sanitize This"
Heavy / Hard Rock
Released: August
Alison Scott: Stone Cold Love
Alison Scott
"Stone Cold Love"
Released: August
Painting Stars: Introspection
Painting Stars
Pop / Rock
Released: August
In Search Of Solace: From Me // From Within
In Search Of Solace
"From Me // From Within"
Metal / Progressive / Hardcore
Released: August
At Mourning's End: Decay
At Mourning's End
Metalcore / Progressive
Released: July
Ambassador Gun: Tomb of Broken Sleep
Ambassador Gun
"Tomb of Broken Sleep"
Metal / Punk / Grind
Released: July
Sean Anonymous: Better Days
Sean Anonymous
"Better Days"
Hip Hop / Rap
Released: July
Smiling Politely: In The Wake of the Storm
Smiling Politely
"In The Wake of the Storm"
Rock / Hard Rock
Released: July
Amiensus: Ascension
Atmospheric / Melodic / Black Metal
Released: July
Sims: Lights Out Paris
"Lights Out Paris"
Hip Hop / Rap
Released: June
Niki Becker: Reactor
Niki Becker
Folk / Pop / Rock
Released: June
Vaudeville: Masquerade Part II
"Masquerade Part II"
Rock / Alternative
Released: May
The Last Revel: The Last Revel
The Last Revel
"The Last Revel"
Americana / Bluegrass / Folk
Released: April
Botzy: Still Not Dead Yet
"Still Not Dead Yet"
Hip Hop
Released: April
Eyedea: The Many Faces of Mikey
"The Many Faces of Mikey"
Hip Hop
Released: March
Cold Kingdom: The Moon and The Fool
Cold Kingdom
"The Moon and The Fool"
Released: February
Echoes of the Fallen: A Generation of Flames
Echoes of the Fallen
"A Generation of Flames"
Melodic / Death Metal
Released: February
Crooked Saws: This Machine Sells Cars
Crooked Saws
"This Machine Sells Cars"
Roots / Blues / Garage
Released: February
The Oddfathers: Part II EP
The Oddfathers
"Part II EP"
Rock / Classic Rock
Released: February
Doomtree: All Hands
"All Hands"
Rap / Hip Hop
Released: January
Attention: Through The Wire
"Through The Wire"
Rock / Indie / Powerpop
Audio Perm: We Out Chea
Audio Perm
"We Out Chea"
Dead End Age: Taste It
Dead End Age
"Taste It"
Punk / Rock
Maeth: Horse Funeral
"Horse Funeral"
Heavy / Progressive / Psychedelic
Manny Phesto: Southside Looking In
Manny Phesto
"Southside Looking In"
Hip Hop / Rap
Mike Mictlan: SNAXXX
Mike Mictlan
Hip Hip / Rap
Modern Condition: The New Reality
Modern Condition
"The New Reality"
Hip Hip / Rock / Dance
My Covenant: Growth
My Covenant
Acoustic / Alternative
The Outpulse: itch
The Outpulse
Punk / Garage / Rock
Rogue Valley: False Floors
Rogue Valley
"False Floors"
Americana / Folk / Indie
Tepetricy: Same Cuts, New Blood
"Same Cuts, New Blood"
Rock / Hard Rock / Alt. Rock
Tuxedo Seagull: Dupont
Tuxedo Seagull
Rock / Indie / Garage
With Iowa In Between: Coexistence
With Iowa In Between
Hardcore / Punk / Spoken Word

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